Magic Hints!

Welcome to one of the most value-added parts of the Moments of
book experience.  The way I see it, the book is just a starting
point.  The "extras" that you find here will make your investment in the
book, both with money and time, exponentially more valuable.  Thank
you again for being a fan and a customer service revolutionary.  Enjoy
these Magic Hints!

Just to get it started, here is one of my favorite articles titled:

Ten Compelling Reasons to Deliver an Amazing Customer
Service Experience

And, here is the video about the taxi-cab driver from Chapter 1!

Access the Magic Hints in each chapter.  Just click on any of
the links below.

Chapter 1:
The Moment of Magic

Chapter 2: Make a Positive Impression

Chapter 3: Know Your Business

Chapter 4: Be Informed - Know a Little About a Lot

Chapter 5: Be Enthusiastic

Chapter 6: Understand Your Customer

Chapter 7: Provide Quality at Every Turn

Chapter 8: Respond Quickly

Chapter 9: Solve Their Problems

Chapter 10: Be Reliable

Chapter 11: Appreciate Your Customer

Chapter 12: Handling the Complaining Customer

Chapter 13: Building a Team Spirit of Service

Chapter 14: Conclusion

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