Moments of Magic Customer Service Book
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Moments of Magic
Be a Star with Your Customers and Keep Them Forever!

A customer service book by Shep Hyken, customer service speaker and New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.
A Customer
New York Times bestselling author presents
Moments of Magic
Be a Star with Your Customers and Keep Them Forever!
               by Shep Hyken

Sometimes good things really do come in small packages.  Don't be
fooled by the size of this book.  While only 156 pages, it is packed with
customer service strategies, techniques and stories that illustrate
important points.  This book will teach you and everyone in your
organization to deliver excellent customer service to both internal and
external customers.  

This is Shep’s first and one of his bestselling customer service books!
Moments of Magic is a clearly written, easy-to-read, easy to
understand guide to customer service, and is for anyone in any job.

Chapters in this book cover Moments of Truth/Misery/Magic, how to
build stronger relationships, dealing with complaining customers,
meeting and exceeding expectations, creating strong first impressions,
building rapport and much, much more.

Some people say it is common sense.  

Some say it is good sense.

The information in this book makes sense.

Most important, the information is simple, direct and can be
implemented immediately.

What others say…

…A clearly written, specific guide to making the best of customer
contact situations… this is excellent hands-on advice…
— Michael LeBoef, Author
How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life

…Should be on every manager’s bookshelf.  It addresses the biggest
challenge facing business today, making customers a number one
priority. Anyone involved in business would benefit from its powerful
— Thomas A. Pall, Vice President Sales SBC Publications

…The ideas in this book are right on target for everyone from upper
management to the store employees.
— Scott Gabriele, Vice President Marketing, Circle K Corp.

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